SantaDerm ParasiteS – Treatment against head lice

3 ingrediente active

Andiroba oil

  • It is extracted from a plant from The Amazonian Jungle
  • Rejects hematopoietic insects
  • It's a natural insecticide that kills lice and their eggs

Quassia Amara

  • Attacks the chitin exoskeleton of lice and nits
  • Allows to easily remove eggs and lice from hair

Neem oil

  • It acts like a natural insecticide
  • Produces egg infertility
  • Inhibit chitin biosynthesis
  • Inhibit feeding behavior

Triple Action

  • Removal of lice and nits by the common action of the 3 active ingredients.
  • Eliminating and destroying lice eggs thanks to the Quassia Amara extract.
  • Creating an unfavorable environment for the presence of lice and eggs due to oils acting as a repellent.

Treatment Shampoo Against Head Lice And Their Eggs

50 ml & 150 ml + SPECIAL COMB

The SantaDerm ParasiteS shampoo is clinically tested and has proven to be an effective treatment against head lice and their eggs, preventing pediculosis.

The SantaDerm ParasiteS shampoo does not contain chemical insecticides, so head lice cannot develop resistance to its ingredients.

The SantaDerm ParasiteS shampoo can be used to treat pediculosis and to prevent lice and nits infestation.

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Treatment Spray Against Head Lice And Their Eggs


The SantaDerm ParasiteS Spray is clinically tested and has proven to be effective against head lice and their eggs, preventing pediculosis.

With just a few sprays you get rid of pediculosis.

The special formula has been created to be used with confidence on the hair of children over the age of three. Safe, with active plant ingredients, this is a highly effective weapon against lice.

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It is a repellent biocidal product against lice, recommended for adults and children over 3 months. The product contains an active and natural ingredient, Citriodiol®, that is a mixture of cis- and trans-p-menthane-3-diol extracted from a species of eucalyptus (Eucaliptus citriodora).

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SantaDerm ParasiteS - Efficiency

The efficacy test was carried out with the support of the Cantacuzino National Research Institute as follows:

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What we should know about head lice?

Head lice are small insects, without wings, yellow to brown, living exclusively in human hair and feeding on blood. They move using three pairs of legs that allows to hang on to the hair.

An adult reaches the size of 3-4 mm in length.

The female lives between two and three months and produces between 200 and 300 eggs, known as nits, which are small in size and have an oval shape. They adhere strongly to the hair by an adherent substance produced by the female at the time of laying eggs.

The eggs hatch after seven days and the insect matures within 10 days.

When they swallow the blood, the lice inject saliva into the scalp, generating a hypersensitivity reaction, accompanied by itching and severe irritation.

The lice infection can occur in a direct way, for example, from head to head, or indirectly through the exchange of hats, helmets, or the use of comb or bed linen. The lice do not live far from the scalp for more than 2-3 days.

Diagnosis is confirmed by careful examination of the hair, looking for lice or eggs, that are more easily detected. Control is indicated when you have an itching sensation on the scalp or when in collectives (kindergartens, schools) there are pediculosis epidemics.